Happy New Year


Happy New Year to people

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Financy

    happy new year ..

    dont u just feel like a loser celebrating the count down for new year’s , @ home


  2. Happy new year to you too Mr.Rider..

    ta3al, shn0o 9ar with that magazine you were gonna model for ;p

  3. u missed the 9ers/broncos game.. it was a BEAUTY!!!!!!!! niners were leading but the broncos tied it with 1:30 left in the game. they went into OT.. and after 3 possession swaps, the niners won it with a FG!!! sweet!

  4. Happy New Year….hope in 2007 u’ll get a partner for ROBO…and you 2…

    Damn i just woke up…having a bad hangover..

  5. happy new year to you too

    may your year be filled with riding ;)

  6. Hitman1: Thanks man!

    Financy: I wasn’t at home! lol! I was at the beach house chilling around a fire with some hot tea and some insane fireworks! hehehe

    Extinct Dodo: to you too! :)

    Jacqui: Happy New Year to you to Jacqui!

    Amo0ora: lol! its still in the works, and Im going to do it at some point! hehehe! Just gotta make some time! Happy New Years!

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