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Night Drive


On Sunday night just after sunset on the 31st of December I’m getting in my car to head towards the shalaih. I like driving, and I enjoy long constant drives. I don’t like traffic, but I don’t mind long drives at all. The best part of it is the good music and the comfortable drive, I took my beanie with me because of the damn cold, I heard it was going to get ridiculously cold and I just wanted to keep my head warm.


As I was driving the roads were packed with people going to Mukhayamat (camps) or the shalaihs. The roads were filled with police and so many cameras were switched on. They even had two or three mobile cameras parked on the right side, one of them went off on me while I had my Landcruiser set at 140kph which surprised me. At that point I was relaxed and too lazy to look for them, 20kph over the limit was going to be too much but I was surprised that they made it that sensitive. After that I set it at 120kph cruise until I reached the shalaih, and it was pretty damn cold. When I got there it was 7 degrees and it was only 7:00pm so there was many hours to go to freeze later in the night.