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Relaxing New Year Night


I know a lot of people had crazy nights for new years and some people stayed at home, but we had a relaxing New Years. It was freezing outside towards the end of the night, I know it was close to zero and when I asked my friend who just drove in an hour ago he said it was 3 degrees and we just wanted to light up some fireworks. They called these specific rockets the M80, and he said its the type that will blow up 16 times in the air, thats what the guy on the side of the road said would happen, he also said when you light it run for your life.

At this point we put it all the way in front of the shalaih and most the guys were sitting back and watching. It was only me and a friend who were willing to test the waters with this rocket, it was big and I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of it. We had some music playing with a lot of hot tea being made nonstop it was pretty good. And we had music going, and we were all pretty relaxed nobody was thinking about work and you could see the moon clear as day and the moonlight hitting the water. It was a fantastic feeling, we were freezing though even with the duwah (metal coal container), and so me and my friend lit the fireworks and we ran for our lives almost stumbling over each other. It was a scene from Lethal Weapon, and then boom that rocket launched like a NASA rocket. It was a hilarious scene. Of course everyone was wishing the other person a happy New Year and we were laughing, but at that point we all decided to go inside. By 1:00am at 1/1/2007 I decided to go to sleep while watching some anime. It was good night with good friends.