Review: Daytona Evo Security II



These are the best pair of riding boots that I have ever had. I have had the Sidi and Alpinestar racing boots. These boots are amazing, I dont even go riding without them now. They provide a huge amount of protection and are still flexible when you are moving around. I have had them for over a year and half now and they are fantastic.



  • High quality protection around the ankle and foot (kevlar and metal)
  • High quality leather
  • Very clean look
  • Can be customized if you want different colors, and anything written on it.
  • You can feel the shift lever on your left foot unlike some other boots
  • Keeps you very warm in the cold rides, it gets a bit warm during the summer but it doesnt matter as long as your moving.
  • Great protection around the toes.
  • Made by hand in Germany
  • Outer skin is replacable it is damaged so you dont have to replace the whole thing


  • Price (You pay for what you get, and this time your getting quality)

I can’t recommend these boots enough, and I dont think I will ever ride a bike without these boots.

Price: £566.99








Link: Daytona
Link: RedDogMotorcycles


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  1. LooL i don’t know why it made me laugh when you pulled your pants up to show your boots heheheee

  2. Sexeh Legs *Whistles* LOL! Hehehe I don’t think I can ever look at you in the same way anymore LOL!

  3. Man u r professional in ur hobby….really like the way u treat urself…good for u buddy

  4. its so easy to get you presents cuz anything to do with bikes will do for you hehee

  5. Marzouq’s legs set aside, the boots themselves are pretty sexy, I’d probably be looking for an excuse to get a pair soon.

    I like the floor in the last to pictures, very very stylish.

  6. Laialy: I knew it would make some people laugh, but I had to model them! lol!

    Jacqui: hehehe! hahahaha! Its ok..

    MAZE: Thanks man!

    Amo0ora: hehehehe! The funny part is that I’m not the type of guy to like presents!

    mooodi: loooool! I’m happy you like the boots! In the last pictures is an old arab door converted into a table! I love those!

  7. hahahahah those are wicked!
    love them boots!

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