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Last Ride of 2006


I woke up early friday morning, and it was the first day of vacation. I was happy that I didn’t have to worry about work on saturday. I went down to the basement and got my gear on, and started the bike up. I wanted it to warm up a bit before I get on since I know its cold outside but I didn’t have a care in the world at that point.

I got on my bike, and I realized that it didn’t have any gas and I on ta’awoon street between Bida’a and Salwa trying to think of gas station which is open which has the high octane (green) gas station, and I remembered the Miseela gas station would be open so I made a U-Turn and headed right in. I was happy to find that the gas station was open, and while I was filling up an american guy walked up to me and asked about the bike, and he is a Harely Rider and he was thinking about getting the bike. He really liked the K1200R and I can given my outlook on the bike. Then I continued my ride and I just wanted to enjoy the empty streets. It was fantastic, I got on the gulf road and I was really enjoying myself taking corners the way I want and not having to worry about idiots on the road, most of everyone was out of the country, and on my way back I stopped by Marina Mall and saw a lot of motorcycles there, they were out in strength today. And I met up with a group of motorcycles and ordered some tea to warm up before heading back home. It was very nice meeting up with other riders and then continuing on my way home to relax with the family.