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Long Nap


It was a bit of slow day at work, I was just finishing up paper work and emails but because of how messed up my sleeping patterns were I only got about 1.5 hours of sleep for work. I got in at 8:00am and then I was on top of all the paperwork I wanted to finish up. The work was a skeleton crew, and I was running around asking people for information that I needed, and it didn’t feel like a holiday at that point. Lots of people were still around and it was good getting back into the rhythm but I think the real storm will Saturday.

So after finishing up all I needed I felt my head was spinning from lack of sleep, and there was no use for me to stay so I left an hour early and got home by 3:00pm. After chilling with family for a bit I decided to hit the sack for a little while. I wasn’t hungry I just wanted to pass out, so I put on some anime to get comfortable and then I passed out from 4:30pm until 8:00pm and I had dinner/lunch around 9:00pm while again watching some anime. For a Wednesday night it was pretty damn good and comfortable. I was chilling down stairs watching all the anime I wanted in the most comfortable dishdashat noom that I have! It was fantastic, I was lazy and loving it. I really didn’t feel like moving, but I know I need to get back into the rhythm of the gym this coming week. I feel good about it, and this long nap fixed me for the rest of the month.