Review: World Trade Center


I wanted to see this movie for a little while now even though I’m not that much of a Nicholas Cage fan. I just wanted to see how they would depict the events that took place at the world trade center during 9/11. First off people have to understand this brought as perspective of the people who were on the ground and fighting to save people in a dangerous situation. Nicholas Cage played his character pretty well and leading his men through tough decisions. If you wanted to get a realistic depiction of the people who were going through this ordeal then this movie would give you a glimpse into their lives, and how people reacted to the situation and how people’s actions are connected. Its a bit of a slow movie, but I can understand why they did it this way, I think Hollywood didn’t want to dishonor the lives of the people that passed away that day.

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  1. i personally loved it. made me cry almost all the way through. im very claustrophobic, and was dying for the ordeal to end!!

    even though it was slow 3ala goltik, i found it extremely tense,dramatic and gripping. didnt think the movie would be able to pull off all these strong emotions so well. bravo nick!!

  2. Faisal

    I thought it was too soon for the screen. Historrical events need time for their dust to settle and their tremors to stop before they’re depicted in any form of media.

  3. Now thas jus weird!! Me and Faisal commented at the same time!

  4. Extinct Dodo: It had those qualities that you speak off, and its a hard story to work with but they did a good job with it! I can’t just cry through a movie! hehehe!

    Faisal: Some people said that as well, they were afraid they would screw it up, but I think they did a good job with this one!

    Blasha: lol! hehehe! You will enjoy it!

    DiiGMaa: lol! The New Yorker speaks! hehehe

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