Consumer Electronics Show

This is probably one of the best conventions out there for the gadget freak. Every possible manufacturer will be debuting their new products and new technology they will be rolling out later in the year. Every gadget you can imagine and more then your eye can see and you would probably max out your credit cards and empty out all your savings and you still wouldn’t get all you want. The best thing about it is getting you hands on all the gadgets and getting to play around as well as all the fantastic anouncements. If you ever get a chance to go then you should go.

It takes place at the beginning of every year at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and below is the general topics which are covered.

  • Audio
  • Emerging Technology
  • Gaming
  • High Performance Audio and Home Theater
  • Home Networking
  • Home Theater and Video
  • More Electronics
  • Wireless

I just hope to be able to go one day.

Link: CES

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hehehe Oh my god! I wanted to post about it a few minutes ago LOL! I wanted to write that “It’s that time of the year again!”
    LOL! Hehehe this year however Apple’s MacWorld San Francisco takes place at the same time.. same days as MWSF! So yeah! Hehehe

    It’ll be confusing but most Mac Addicts go to MWSF anyways! I can’t wait to see what’s coming out this next week! And I too hope to go there some day!

  2. Jacqui: Same here! I want to go there someday! And there will probably be alot more people at CES then Macworld! hehehehe

    lfc-q8: Im following up on it as well, I want to see how much of difference there is at that point! I might be changing my reciever to get HDMI incorporated into it!

  3. lfc-Q8

    Z i have a yamy and it has HDMI 1.1a and the new ones now have 1.2 but the ps3 and all the new stuff will be 1.3
    but till now the only thing out there with hdmi1.3 is the ps3 even the soon to be relesed pionees 1080p plasma will be a 1.2
    so for the recever just wait till all the new stuff comes out after ces its better

  4. You would be surprised by how many actually attend Macworld San Francisco, hehe it’s like a pilgrimage to most of them!

  5. lfc-Q8: yeah I agree, Im just going to wait until after CES because all the products are going to be released for all consumers. And we shall see what comes out next!

    Jacqui: I know seriously! Its packed when I go there during MacWorld! I like a sushi place around there! hehehe

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