Phone Prices Kuwait Jan 07

I have done this so many times, but its a past time of mine at this point trying to find the prices of new phones out there. This is an interesting bunch, these are all the N-Series music edition, the usual with tweaks and updates:


Nokia N91 8 GB
185 KD
Difference: Update software


Nokia N73
160 Kd
Difference: Includes 2 GB MiniSD card, and the software has been updated to get rid of alot of the bugs.


Nokia N70
Difference: Includes 1 GB MiniSD card, and the software has been updated as well the screen.

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  1. I saw the Black N73 and it looked hot but I was confused between staying with Nokia (one I love and know like the back of my hand) or go with something new like the K800i.

  2. Oh and at i2 they have the N73 Black for 155kd since they have a few discounted prices now.

  3. come on all nokia? where are the SE, Samsung and Motorola prices??

  4. Jacquie a friend of mine has the K800 james bond edition which is this brushed metal color with a tiny touch of black, it looks really cool, a lot cooler then the common black and brown.

  5. Mark seriously?! Hehe I wanna see it, lemme google it but where did he get it from?

  6. Purgatory

    They added the mem. card! those bastards!

  7. Do you know where i can get SE without arabic in the keypad, plz?
    and for the N73, it’s for 155, ma man jus got one.

  8. Jacqui: the new N73 I heard is better because of the improvements on the operating system! And good its cheaper! hehehe

    Laialy: loool! I think its too bulky for me!

    Mark: lool! Last post was only SEs and this time I got the Nokias! hehehe, I wonder how the James Bond one looks like I shall search for it as well!

    Purg: Yup they did!

    Blasha: Im not sure you can find them without the arabic Keypads. You just have to check all the places before going then.

  9. You can pick up the N73 for ~130KD but without the 2gig SD.

  10. im still trying to find the Nokia 8800 sirocco edition..

    do you know where they might hav it ?

    everywhere i go its sold out :(

  11. moodi: yup you can, but I dont know how much 2gig SD cards cost!

    Amo0ora: call the phone center and ask them: there phone number is 2454022.

    Mark: that looks damn cooooool!! I like that! Man I really like SEs and I want to try one its just that I dont feel like switching everything over!!

  12. Nora

    WOW!!! 130 KDs??? Even 155KDs!!! I have to say F*cking S*it!! Here in FINLAND the home of the Nokia I got my dark pink N73 for 600 Euros!!! And I had to pay extra 40 euros for a 1 GB memory card!! I just wish I could just go back to Kuwait!!!

  13. Nora: Damn I didn’t know that its that expensive from the main manufacturer! I think when it comes to Kuwait the prices are pretty reasonable compared to other companies!

  14. Nora

    Oh Marzouq you could say that again! I love Nokia, but here it’s too expensive!! If you ever come, check the Nokia shope and they’ll show you phones that coast 2000-5000 euros easy!!! I still haven’t seen a Finnish person with one of those! Only one Rusian guy who was on holidays!!
    You’re lucky to get it in such a good prize there! I remember those good days in Kuwait!

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