Review: Mirage MDT-R Surround


These Mirage HDT-R surround speakers can be used for side surround and rear surround, and I am really impressed with these speakers. The sound coming from them is extremely crisp and clear with just the right amount of highs and lows. I have watched different kinds of media to see how these speakers perform with them. I watched high quality movies with DTS sound, normal movies, movies with bad audio, Xbox 360 games with lots of sound, and anime with highquality sound. I have to say that they performed perfectly, and for their price I expected them to. There have been times where I have jumped while I was playing Gears of War because of the monster coming from behind and for a split second I thought something was coming from behind me. I can’t recommend these series of speakers enough after trying them for this long.




Link: Mirage HDT-R
Price: 620 KD (ETC Shuweikh)


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mo Hat

    you’re rich damnit

  2. a girl

    The walls in need for some color, or even better “graphity”

  3. zoomzoom

    yes i agree, the wall is dull, but overall is nice :)

  4. Financy

    thats too much for 2 speakers man ..

    300 k.d. and ill even think about it ..

    anyways .. where are the wires ?! how did u do that ?

  5. Mo Hat: Nope I work! heheh

    a girl: If you see the whole room needs a little bit of color, but I’m a guy and I spend my money on the electronics and furniture is very comfortable so I’m not up for changing it really! hehehe

    zoomzoom: Its the whole Kuwaiti look to it, when you see the whole thing its a lot better, and the carpet makes the room warmer!

    Financy: The wires are just covers with pipping, the installers did a good job. I can understand your reasoning for putting a limit on the speakers, but once you o high end the price becomes insane. Some speakers have built in Digital Sensors which go for around one thousand or more! Its all about what you want. ETC Shuweikh installed it for me!

  6. Was the price mentioned above includes installation ?

  7. G-Funk: Included in the price when you buy it from ETC

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