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Review: Mirage MDT-R Surround


These Mirage HDT-R surround speakers can be used for side surround and rear surround, and I am really impressed with these speakers. The sound coming from them is extremely crisp and clear with just the right amount of highs and lows. I have watched different kinds of media to see how these speakers perform with them. I watched high quality movies with DTS sound, normal movies, movies with bad audio, Xbox 360 games with lots of sound, and anime with highquality sound. I have to say that they performed perfectly, and for their price I expected them to. There have been times where I have jumped while I was playing Gears of War because of the monster coming from behind and for a split second I thought something was coming from behind me. I can’t recommend these series of speakers enough after trying them for this long.




Link: Mirage HDT-R
Price: 620 KD (ETC Shuweikh)