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Desert Outing


The desert is a beautiful place! We went to a bunch of our friends at a Mokhayam (Camp grounds) which they setup a couple of days before Eid. This was the first day of the year going to our friends mokhayam for lunch. 1/1/2007. I have to say that day was a beautiful day, it was cold and sunny with a cold breeze. I was driving my landcruiser with some good music, and then when we had to turn to the sand area with no roads I drove that SUV like a rally car! It was a lot of fun!


I have to say that camping does take a good amount of preparation, and the guys have a really good job of organizing the whole thing. They even put up a volleyball net, but it was too damn cold to play. Some people brought their buggies, I got on a yamaha Banshee for the first time in a while and I remembered why I enjoyed that machine so much. Flying around in the sand it was a fantastic experience! I really enjoyed it riding in the dirt! There was also some skeet shooting going on, and they even had this machine which would launch the discs. I have to say that the guys took care of all the necessary activities. And there was a nice hot duwa in the middle of the main khaymah (tent) which they were using to make the tea and that was some damn good tea. They showed me a little gadget which is used to get the temperature and other weather details and the lowest it had was 0 degrees on 31/12/2006. It must have been damn cold on other nights as well.