Xbox 360 V2


Certain rumors about the Xbox 360 have been verified by people at Engadget. It seems that Microsoft is going to release a new version of their Xbox 360 so if you haven’t bought one at this time, hold off for a bit for the new one.

Old Vs. New

  • 90 nm Processor vs. 65 nm Processor
  • Runs cooler and quieter
  • 20 GB vs. 120 GB
    • I dont think its bundled with it
  • Regular AV port vs. HDMI
  • With all these new features Im assuming they will price it at the same as the current Xbox 360.

    Link: Engadget

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    1. zoomzoom

      i really hate that, now i feel my xbox is damn old just like how the phones appear every single day

    2. zoomzoom: I agree with you about that, but I’m there is upgrade of some sorts to make it run quieter! I curious to see how that works!

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