Jack is Back


This coming week is the real New Years day! Jack is coming back! At last there is a reason to live from week to week! There is only a few days left until 24 airs on Sunday and Monday. Its going to be a 4 hour season premiere between the two days and I really just can’t wait!

I know the show has been leaked but I would rather wait for it to come out that week and see it in HD format. I want to keep up with the normal place, and its all about loyalty to Jack! How could you watch the leaked version and still be a fan of Jack Bauer! Thats not possible! Long live Jack! Those who are true fans will wait for the right time! I dont know what else can happen after all this! Its going to be good! If anyone says otherwise, then they won’t be around for long.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I think the leak is in HD format…
    Resolution : 640×352
    isn’t that HD?

  2. chr0nik

    Theres a retail DVD available for download which will be available to buy on Jan 16. get it mannn u can doo it .Jack wants u 2 watch the leaked version! :)

  3. Mo Hat

    it’s not MARZOUQ HD REQUIRED LIKE 1280×720, but it’s HDTV normal, what you said Mark ;) Just saw all 4 eps, man oh man this is why 24 is my fav show.

  4. Glad you resisted man!
    mohat informed me of them being online
    but i resisted too,
    cant wait for sunday :D (and monday, and every monday afterwards!)

  5. Mark: should be just alittle higher!

    chr0nik: I will wait! WAAITT!!! I buy any dvd that comes out!

    Mo Hat: Sweet! I can’t wait man! If its going to be that good then its going to be worth the wait!

    Yazeed: Mohat is being a champ, but I dont feel its right for jack!!!! Only a few more days and we are there!

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