Nokia N76



For those who like the thin like frame of the Motorola phones they will be happy for this new phone from Nokia. I’m not sure of the release date, but it seems that has lower specs then the higher end Nokias. It has 2 Megapixel camera with the N series OS. I’m not the type to like the flat key pads but it seems they integrated this in an interesting way, but for those who like the slim phones it seems Nokia now has the answer.

Link: Engadget

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  1. lfc-q8

    if i`m not mistaken it will be out between end of feb early march.
    and for my self i cant wait to get the n95 with 5mp camera and hsdpa :)

  2. i just saw Jacqui’s
    i said it there and i’ll say it here
    that phone is sexy

  3. why are Nokia copying a distinctly Motorola look?

  4. Regardless of whether nokia is copying or not the fact that I am getting a slim phone with a Symbian Series 60 Operating System is more than enough. I don’t need a high resolution camera in my phone because I’ve got my digital camera, I seriously don’t need much specs but I prefer Series 60 phones because of their simplicity to use and customization level.

    Zouk I wrote about this before you :P Had you checked my blog first and it’s expected in 1st Quarter. I am going to reserve a red one. Hehehe now that I am a working girl what’s a phone to me :P I can afford it completely LOL! And it’s my 1st present to myself! Because in the end I am going to be replacing my bulky N90 :P Which I still love LOL!

  5. After checking it out hehe you posted at 9:33 and I did at 9:41 LOL! We are less than 10 minutes apart. It is said that great minds think alike! So you didn’t tell us are you grabbing one soon?

  6. Nora

    I went to Nokia shope asking about the N76. Everything they said was prity cool, but I’ll stick with my N73. As the young handsome Nokia guy (Mikko) said it’s more for the younger folks! I love the colour on the pink one though!

    They couldn’t tell me the prize yet, so I have to wait till it’s out here so we could compare prizes with Kuwait and the Nokia land!! I’m sure it’ll be at least 50 euros cheaper there in Kuwait!

  7. i never liked flip phones.. not my style at all

    they should hav went for a more unique look, this is just copying the motorola exactly. never thought nokia would make a phone like this it not thier style if you know what i mean.

  8. lfc-q8: like you Im curious to see the N95 as well! But Nokia really surprised me with the N76, I think they are trying to knock Motorola off their seat!

    Laialy: hehehe.. yes it is!

    Blasha: I dont think its bad, but its not to my taste in pink, in Black I wouldn’t mind.

    moocherx: I think they want to knock out the competition! hehehe

    Jacqui: yeah its about what you need your phone for, and the thinness of it makes it really appealing. I just hope their aren’t any bugs! And enjoy the gift to yourself!

    MAZE: hahaha.. it doesn’t suit everyone’s taste!

    Nora: yeah, the color is nice but functionality wise the N73 is far superior. I will post the price as soon as I find out.

    Amo0ora: I’m not into flip phones either, but this is a different kind from Nokia. It will be interesting. Lets see how successful they are with this one.

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