PS3 – Kuwait (Updated)


Just found updated pricing for the PS3 in Kuwait.

At the Kuwait Toy Company in Rihab

PS3 – 60 GB with one wireless controller

Price: 300 KD

Also includes 750 Watt adapter (Please check since in the market they are selling the 500 Watt adapter which burns out)

Phone: 2666177

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. inta lail7een ma safart :P

    have a safe trip MZzee.. Take that Virgin bike taxi thingy from the airport :P
    hope you get your luggage too..

    and don’t forget my fav walnut butter biscuits from harrods ;P


    have a lovely tiime darling :)

  2. oh and I played the PS3 at a friends house the other day.. and thats it.. qarart.. I want one.. and I want a Wii aswell :P

    I love me my Toys :P

  3. I found a 60GB one for 325KD a few weeks ago, but I didn’t ask for specificatins… I still feel it’s expensive
    I’d rather wait for the prices to drop more

  4. ClicknBuy are selling it with the same price

  5. lfc-q8

    soon it will be 250

  6. DiiGMaa: I was on the plane when this post was made! Its timed! hehehe! Thanks I got the luggage, but I’m taking the Virgin Limo Bike around london. I know what you mean about the love for toys! hehehe

    Aurous: It will drop probably no lower then 220/240KD over the next few months. But 300KD for the console and one game isnt too bad.

    L33T: but without the game!

    lfc-q8: yes, Im assuming another 2 months at most.

  7. hansel

    yeah n me too i do feel its too much for a ps3 to b “bought” nowadays,
    a cpl o years ago .. i picked up my ps2 for when it was just out at abt 200d’s and now look at it ..

    but then again waiting dont help .. b’lieve me as in .. when the prices hit rock bottom on the 3 .. a definite ps4 ‘ll b online !!



  8. hansel: yeah the PS3 will drop a bit in price but no way as close to the PS2 since this is more expensive to put together!

  9. hansel

    have made up my mind am gonna pick up a ps3 end o this month or the next month first week when the europe ps3s are out its definitely gonna affect the prices here .. but what i need to know is whether the US released games’ll work on a europe Hardware ????

  10. aj soldier 7

    is it us versoin

  11. Gary

    go and buy from x-cite 320 GB for 90 kd

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