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Here it is people! At last what a lot of people have been waiting for, the Apple iPhone! It has no buttons and runs OS X. It will allow you to use Google Maps, Widgets, and of course iTunes. It might have 4GB or 8GB memory, with quad band GSM and EDGE. This is a very fully featured phone, and there is no stylus to click on the screen. It is pretty damn thin with all the features and its being priced at $599. Its supposed to come out in June, so I’m betting there is going to be long lines at all the Apple Stores coming June.

It looks great and has a lot of features, but like the Apple iPod when it first came out I’m assuming it might have a lot of bugs. I think they have a good product on their hands, but I wouldn’t buy the first generation.


Link: Engadget
Link: Apple

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  1. moocherx: yeah, I know what you mean. Everyone is already into 3G, I dont know why they didn’t integrate it!

  2. ummm cuz its coming out in the states initially! (the 3g thing)

    what sucks is that is available only through cingular, with a 2 year contract. I think if apple sold this phone on its own, they would have gotten more customers.

  3. Honey it’s tied to Cingular network, won’t come to Europe until Quarter 4 of 2007 and Asia in 2008 so don’t get your pants in a bunch :P

  4. oohh im starting to like..
    first of all i didnt like it but you got more pics then everyone else so i like i like ;p


  5. Yazeed: yeah that is kind of annoying with the two year contract, that will keep it from moving and beind sold on ebay for other networks!

    Jacqui: We shall see! I’m not much into it though!

    Amo0ora: hehehe! No prob

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