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Apple Success


Over the past few years Apple has been getting more and more products rolled out like the iPod, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod nano, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, and a lot more. This is just Apples product line, and these products have made Apple very trendy and successful, but there is more to it then just their products. What move their products is all the available accessories, I haven’t seen so many accessories for one product from so many different manufacturers.


The iPod has more accessories then any other product currently out there. You can add it to your vehicle, have wireless connectivity, connect it to your home theater system, connect it a turn table system in a club with full integration, and those are just the ones currently coming out. You can see more and more accessories being released on Engadget for the use with an Apple Product.


Belkin has already jumped the gun and has accessories ready for the Apple iPhone. [Link]

Apple has expanded their products past computers and entering the electronics market. They know this so much that Apple has dropped the word “Computer” from their name and has now become “Apple, Inc”. What is in store for Apple, only time can tell. I’m for one looking forward to the new OS (Leopard), and I want to try it on an Apple product later on this year. Its only a matter of time until Apple gets their product in every home.

Link: Engadget, UnCrate