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It rained lightly all evening yesterday, and its raining pretty good today, you can’t even see the sun. Some people don’t like this weather much, neither do I, but in London its a little different. I’m used to London being this way, you see people bustling about, motorcycle deliveries all over the place, black cabs at every corner. This city is just non-stop! The other thing that I love about this city is the number of restaurants! So many restaurants to choose from and even if you went a different place for lunch and dinner everyday for a year you still wouldn’t come close to finishing the choices you have in this cosmopolitan city.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I LOVE trying out new restaurants and London is great for that. Here are some places I liked in case you wanted recommendations:

    Hakkasan 0871 2238002 –> Chinese food, the place is really awesome because it used to be an underground parking lot and they turned it into a cool restaurant.

    Asia de Cuba 0871 2238011 –> eclectic mix of food but I dont think there’s a single dish there that I tried and didnt like. Its in St Martin’s lane so its close to Leiscter Square if you go watch a movie there.

    Sumosan 0871 3227998 –> good old Japanese food and I think its in the Mayfair area ma atethakar. Oh and Nobu illi msaweenla big deal kaan 3aadi ma 3ajabni wayed.

    Enjoy your time there :D

  2. Purgatory72

    I do not like London, it is British

  3. oulalaa

    Soo true about restaurants in London!! … i’ve made a rule of never going to a restaurant twice regardless of how much I enjoyed it.
    I highly recommend Roka and Yauatcha(must try the black cod).

    lovely shot of your room… care to share the name of the hotel? :)

    ooo ya 7ilo london, o ya 7ilo jawha el ta3ees!

  4. I’ve never been to london….:(


    shesma i forgot what i was gonna say..

    oh 9a7, i hate rainy cold weather but madrii laish in london i love it, it doesnt feel like your in london until you go through all 4 seasons in one day ;p thats london for you !

    hope your enjoying it !

  6. mufc

    god knows how much i love london, lucky me baroo7 london on the 14th for three weeks to enjoy my self.

    going to manchester to for mobarat manchester united vs watford.

    wish me luck ;)

  7. iKuwait: central London… the bits that are jam packed full of tourists… are completely vulgar I agree. However, just move a little out… breakfast off High St. Ken on a Sunday morning reading the paper… a cycle around Richmond Park on a summer afternoon… trying to decide which of the loads of world class plays to go to see… It’s all a matter of what you see as a tourist, or what you get to do when you live there. I think.

  8. 1001: Loved eating in London! Went to Hakkasan a while ago wanted to try something new and Asia de Cuba was good! Didn’t have a chance to tr Sumosan! It was fun!

    Purg: hahaha!

    iKuwait: Not really, its all about where you go!

    oulalaa: Didn’t have a chance to try those restaurants! Only so many days and so many places to go! I will post more about the hotel! hehehe!

    MAZE: You should go!

    Amo0ora: I know what you mean, the gloomy weather fits london! I enjoyed it immensly!

    mufc: Enjoy!!

    moocherx: like you said, if you go to the right places you dont see any tourists and the best thing about this trip is not seeing one single tourist! I was around a lot of the areas but going to business meetings as well it was great. You go to where the local crowd.

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