I just finished up with a lot of work and to get from one point to another I currently booked a Virgin Limo Bike to come pick me up to take me to my next destination. I’m really looking forward to this ride. I will be posting all the details and pictures later, and I will be taking as many pictures as possible.

Link: Virgin Limo Bike

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lfc-q8

    ask him if u can drive :)

  2. Nora

    I’ll be waiting for your details about the Virgin!!! I was passenger on one last summer, thought it was really cool ride! But I’ll be keeping Kawasaki Z 1000 my new project!! Have you tried that yet??

  3. oohhh i wanna know how it goes, sounds like a bunch of fun !!

    allah ya7fe’6ek ;p

  4. sabah: It was good!

    lfc-q8: No way! hehehe

    Nora: I like the Z1000 its pretty cool and a decent bike! Nora do you ride?

    Amo0ora: hehehe! Thank you!

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