Great Professor

I think more professors should do what he did, seriously great.

Link: Youtube

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Professor

    well, I am professor in KU and i never did such a thing to my students. Actually, I either ignore them, or make funny remarks about the sound of the mobile ring tone.

  2. respect, i would do the same…. its very disrespectful to talk on the phone in a class, lecture, cinema etc…

  3. Nora

    I think all professors and teachers should do what he did!!!
    I’ve seen so many times a student disrespecting the whole class room by letting his/her phone ring or answering and talking loud and the professor is doing nothing!
    That’s such a cool video!

  4. Professor: I can understand your point of view, but that move made one hell of a statement. I have seen some professors single people out and ask them to leave if they talk and that way they wont do it again!

    Yazeed: Exactly!

    Nora: well said, they should do this more often and students wont pick up the cellphone in fear of having it destroyed!

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