Out Around Town


So I had a couple of meetings yesterday and finished up as quick as I could because I was going to meet up with some friends for a really late lunch. But Yesterday I did a lot of walking, even in the rain since I had some time to kill between noon and a later lunch.


So I had a little map with me since I dont remember which street connects to which street and I only used it in emergency purposes. I tried my best to wing it! I went from Selfridges to Regent street and walked down all the way to the Virgin Store, then I walked over to Waterstones from there and I really didn’t want to leave, but I had to so I walked up I Piccadly street and went to Bond Street to go see what gifts I should pick up for family. I will also be going back to Waterstones and Virgin to pick up some DVDs, Books, and magazines. Then I wanted to walk to Harrods but after walking a few hours I got lazy and called Virgin Limo Bike again and asked for a pick up on Bond Street and drop off at Harrods. That gave me enough time to do some window shopping, and damn those guys are effecient!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. how can i become part of your family :p i mean you travel and you bring gifts back who wouldn’t want to be part of your family hehehe
    Allah e5aleek lohom inshalla

  2. Purgatory

    I hate london!

  3. Nora

    It seems you’re really enjoying the Virgin Limos!!

  4. Jafar

    Just so you know there is nothing in London called Piccadily Street !! it is just Piccadily !!! I know ,,,I lived on it for six months ! Enjoy

  5. prug how can you hate london !! its my fav place on this whole planet

    i know your enjoying your time so 3asa do0om..

    we want you baq tho ;p

  6. Jafar – you lived on Picadilly? I want your job!

  7. London will always be my favourite city!

    The pictures even make me miss it.

  8. I’m so excited to go there!

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