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Out Around Town


So I had a couple of meetings yesterday and finished up as quick as I could because I was going to meet up with some friends for a really late lunch. But Yesterday I did a lot of walking, even in the rain since I had some time to kill between noon and a later lunch.


So I had a little map with me since I dont remember which street connects to which street and I only used it in emergency purposes. I tried my best to wing it! I went from Selfridges to Regent street and walked down all the way to the Virgin Store, then I walked over to Waterstones from there and I really didn’t want to leave, but I had to so I walked up I Piccadly street and went to Bond Street to go see what gifts I should pick up for family. I will also be going back to Waterstones and Virgin to pick up some DVDs, Books, and magazines. Then I wanted to walk to Harrods but after walking a few hours I got lazy and called Virgin Limo Bike again and asked for a pick up on Bond Street and drop off at Harrods. That gave me enough time to do some window shopping, and damn those guys are effecient!