Review: Virgin Limo Bike


First off the rider of the Virgin Limo Bike who came to pick me up was a World Superbike Racer, he raced for a team and he raced on a Yamaha R1. He came exactly on time. I asked them to be dropped off about 15 – 20 mins away depending on traffic. The bike is just as nice as it is on the website, and it rained earlier in the day. So he provided me with a jacket, helmet, gloves, and something to cover my legs from the light rain and keep me slightly warm. I was excited as hell from know the fact that I’m riding behind a professional racer, and the bike looked cool and comfortable which it was.

His riding was completely safe, nothing outragous but extremely fun since you feel confident of his riding skills, and he knew all the roads very well. He got me to the destination in about 10 mins which was fantastic since we were flowing through traffic! Also on another note the helmet I was wearing had a radio which you could talk to the rider as if he was siiting next to you in a room! It was great exchanging stories about riding, and he is supposed to be racing in the Qatar track in the coming months. It was a great ride, and I enjoyed it so much that I called them to book another point to point transportation. They are very effecient and right on about timing. For the price you pay you get around really quickly and you have a blast doing it as well. For two rides and tip it came out to be £40 which isn’t too bad compared to taxi cabs. I’m going to do this more often. If you dont have any bags to carry then this is the best mode of transportation, but you need to book ahead since they do get booked up a bit.


Link: VirginLimoBike


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. dimplez

    walla ya z u have so much influence on me..

    i use 2 be a motorbike-phobic, but now i really want try the virgin limo bike..!!!!!

    maybe it has 2 do with it being in London since its my favorite city …

    definitely added to my “things to do in London” list :)

  2. Missy

    lol Finally ! … sounds like fun :)

  3. naughty man… he should be behind the white line in the bottom picture :P

    p.s. if you want to start this service in Kuwait, I’m always getting pissed off how long it takes from Chilis back to my house in the evening!

  4. Hellraiser

    Cool Marzook, that was a great review, out of curiosity what was the name of the chap?

  5. pretty cool! sounds like fun…not sure I would ever try it though…i’d be too scared for some reason lol

  6. yaaaaaaaay :D

    looks like so much fuuun
    i feel like i wanna go to london so bad right now :(

  7. Nora

    I told they were fun when tried it myself last summer! I think it’s not really my thing. I like the real bikes more! But yes the helmet was the coolest thing!!!!
    I’m thinking to buy them so I could talk to my man while riding!

  8. wow wanasaaa !!

    i cant wait till i go to london i wanna try it so badly it looks like a bunch of fun !! and im loving the helmets hehe ;p

    so you book on the phone a couple of hours before wla a day before it ? i wanna try it when i go soon..

  9. dimplez: hehehe! I’m happy your being introduced into something new! hehehe! You will really enjoy the ride! I know I did!

    Missy: hehehe! Yeah it was fun!

    moocherx: hahaha! I know, but he is on a bike so its ok! I wouldn’t do it in Kuwait since it would be impossible to find riders who are sensible enough like these gentlemen!

    Hellraiser: I honestly forgot his name! I will try to find out by calling them!

    Coquette: You should try it! You only live once, and its very very comfortable!

    Laialy: yes it was! hehehe! Yeah London is nice!

    Nora: yes your right! So you ride or your man rides? I ride a lot as well, but going around town on a bike and you can just keep on walking is pretty damn good!

    Amo0ora: yup it was good! You will enjoy it! Only a couple of hours before, and your good! Even if you give them 30 mins! Its great!

  10. That’s Damian Rowley, World Endurance Championship rider. He’s known as “Demon” – you want to see him racing at night in the pouring rain at the Le Mans 24hr event – massively experienced, having ridden for the 3-times World Champions Phase One Endurance Team. Being “limo’d” by the “Demon”, well it’s worth 10 times the fare for his stories alone! :)

    It’s sometimes surprising to realize that every top rider – except those from rich families of at the extreme top 0.05% of the sport – have pretty mundane day jobs :)

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