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Mission Accomplished!


After waiting so long to see this movie I have at last! I saw Casino Royale! And I have to say that I love it, I will be writing a detailed review of it later! Also later on in the night after spending sometime in HMV and Virgin we went to see Deja Vu and I loved that movie as well. It was a great night we were walking around a lot and we saw two movies and managed to do some shopping. The funny part is we saw Casino Royal at 4:50pm at Odeon West End and then we saw Deja Vu at 9:10pm at Vue West End, I thought if they were up for it I really wanted to do it. I picked up a good amount of CDs and DVDs, and I still have some things to pick up. I know that I could buy most of the items cheaper online, but there is that instantaneous pleasure of having the product in your hands. That is the one thing that I think is missing in Kuwait, I wouldn’t paying a certain amounto of mark-up for books, CDs, and DVDs if only I was getting a good selection and I was getting good releases, but alas that isn’t the case. Walking out after the movie I forgot that Thursday nights is a night out and so many people were all dressed up and ready to go to the clubs around town. We were beat after walking around so much and just wanted to get a late night bite and we had a huge selection to choose from.

On another note I have to say that I love Sweet popcorn in the UK cinemas, there is no way to describe how much I think its fantastic. I have tried different types of popcorn and I can’t get enough of it, I had a huge size popcorn to myself and I refused to share with my friends. It was all mine and I was being greedy about it! If I could at that point I would have jumped right into it, and yes I finished a 40 cm deep popcorn filled container.


Earlier in the day we started off at an Italian restaurant called Mimo’s its one of my top 10 restuarnts of all time. It has one of the best Italian food you can have, other then home cooked Italian food from Italy I dont think there would be many restaurants that could beat this. I love the waiters there, and I love the owner! Because I have been going there once in a while when I’m in London you just keep hearing the stories about the owner and his sons who are running the place and their lives! Its fantastic! I will right up more details later! Lots of pictures as well!


All I have to say about the movie is that it was worth the wait! One more day and I am done with work and coming back. I just hope the airport isn’t crowded and there aren’t too many lines. I know most probably I would be passing out on the plane!