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Review: MDR-NC50


I have been using these noise canceling headphones for this trip and they have worked relatively well for thier price and quality. These headphones are type of headphones that you want on a plane to keep out all of the noises that might annoy you and you can then hear all that you are watching or listening to clearly.


  • Comfortable Fit
  • Very quiet white noise
  • Good Sound quality (My B&O Earphones are better)
  • Has a Monitor button which allows all noise from the outside in which makes it easier then taking off your headphones, pretty good feature.
  • One AAA Battery so no outside power source needed
  • Audio cable is detachable from the headphones which is great, makes it easier to put away without jumbling the cables.
  • Price, relative to other Noise Canceling headphones this does a really good job for a very reasonable price compared to the Bose Headphones and other headphones.
  • Lond battery life.


  • Low volume compared to other headphones, I thought it would be louder from the look of it but it wasn’t Im assuming it was to accomadate the noise canceling.
  • Its not compact enought to make it easy to travel with, its a bit bulky.

Overall I think you get a lot for what your paying for with these headphones. For $125 these in my opinion are better buy then Bose which go for $300. The Bose might do a better job, but these overall is a completely better value. And it is comfortable with clear sound quality although I wouldn want a little more volume out of it, it does a really good job. If your in the market for noise canceling headphones then this would be a good one to keep on your list.

Link: Amazon