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Best Wake Up


I have to say that I had the best wake up today ever! I was so tired and totally disoriented towards 2:00pm, I need to get some sleep. At around 2:30pm I was out cold and asleep, then I woke up to something on me or roaming around me. Then I heard “no no no,” and then I see my nephew with this grin on his face! I was so freaking happy, tired, and my head felt so heavy, but I just wanted to pick him up! I loved it, I thought I wouldn’t see him today, but I was happy I saw him right in front of me! Of course my mom was laughing at him since he was happy being on top of me! Then he went straight for my door to close everyone out! So after entertaining himself rummaging through my dvds he decided to go to the desk and at that point I jumped up out of bed afraid that he would hurt himself! He pulled a few things over but I managed to catch him. Now that got my blood pumping and he was clapping that I caught him and the things falling over! Now that was something to wake up to! The kid puts a smile on my face all the time!