Best Wake Up


I have to say that I had the best wake up today ever! I was so tired and totally disoriented towards 2:00pm, I need to get some sleep. At around 2:30pm I was out cold and asleep, then I woke up to something on me or roaming around me. Then I heard “no no no,” and then I see my nephew with this grin on his face! I was so freaking happy, tired, and my head felt so heavy, but I just wanted to pick him up! I loved it, I thought I wouldn’t see him today, but I was happy I saw him right in front of me! Of course my mom was laughing at him since he was happy being on top of me! Then he went straight for my door to close everyone out! So after entertaining himself rummaging through my dvds he decided to go to the desk and at that point I jumped up out of bed afraid that he would hurt himself! He pulled a few things over but I managed to catch him. Now that got my blood pumping and he was clapping that I caught him and the things falling over! Now that was something to wake up to! The kid puts a smile on my face all the time!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. allah ye5aleee likom… wa ya7fatha… i get that same feeling with my nieces… they are sooo fun :)

  2. Awww hehe I was spending the day with my little sister hehe lying in front of the tv watching it hehe it was fun then we ate some popcorn! I am the kids favorite person because I feed them alot of things :P

  3. It’s totally cool being the Uncle. You get to play with the kids and give them cool stuff… and avoid all the crappy things like telling them off and sending them to bed… making them do their homework… etc.

  4. That was close. Make sure he doesn’t get near those tables again it can easily tip over or stuff can fall off the table.

  5. Missy

    Allah i5ali likom enshallah. Yeah, I have a tiny nephew too that I can’t keep my hands off him. The result: I have 1 broken vase, 3 ripped books, more than a few scratched CDs. I squeeze him whenever I see him and he recently learned how to slap and tug hair, u can imagine! =P

  6. Missy

    O and be careful, terrible-twos (if yours is around that age) is a very dangerous age. Their famous 7araka is popping eyeballs- I’m not kidding… we had a relative taken to the hospital once.

  7. Nora

    Oh you’re a sweet man!
    My daughter doesn’t even dare to get to my room if I’m tiered, especially if I’m just back from a trip!
    My husband is the sweet one at home but still no rules would get broken!!!
    He’s actually just cooking lunch for us, (Stakes with Baileys sauce)!! And my girl cleaning her room!
    But really I have to say you’re a hero in my mind for loving kids that much!

  8. Yaaa 7alaattttaaaaaaaa !!

    (Your nephew.. not you silly :P)

  9. adaydreamer: yes its a fantastic feeling! Thank you!

    Jacqui: hehehe! I think kids like me because Im just a big one when around them!

    moocherx: exactly! all the benefits without the drawbacks! hehehe

    Pearls: Yeah, he keeps pulling things over but he always looks for me or my brother when walking around because he knows we will catch him! Naughty kid! hehehe

    Missy: maskoora! I know what you mean about broken items, and with him I really dont mind. My nephew takes things and wacks my bald head with! So Im happy I have no hair! hehehehe! What did your nephew do! hehehe

    Nora: The only I love kids is because when you remove the exterior I am still a kid! I love how innocent and funny they can be! I dont like the quiet ones! I always want the ones that will cause trouble! I like to bring out the bad in them! hehehehe

    DiiGMaa: hahahaha! I agree with you!

  10. awww cute !! allah y5alee lekom 0o allah ya7fe’6a..

    Zo0o’3a walla.. you hav alot of patience, il.yahal yabeelhom 9aber ;p

  11. Missy

    Marzouk to answer your Q. we had relatives over and they were “oh look at that most adoooooooOOOorable baaaaaby…o kootchikootchikootchikoooooo” The man’s head was only inches away from the kid, shaking his head, raising his eyebrows so high and opening his eyes so wide, meanwhile, our beloved nephew was staring at him expressionless and silent without moving a muscle. In a split second, with one swift movement he took out his pointed finger (ET GO HOME version- minus the taf5a at the end) and he popped the guy’s eyeball, right in the middle of the pupil. The man fell on the floor holding his eye- everyone rushing to his aid. The angelic baby was standing in one corner clapping excitedly “Baaaavo Baaavo” displaying his 2 front teeth- enormously proud. LOOL :)

  12. Amo0ora: Mashkoora! Bes with kids its just fun bouncing around! hehehe

    Missy: OLA! hehehe! maskeen he shouldn’t have gotten too close, its his fault! Well I hope they fixed his eye for him!

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