Out Cold for a bit


I have arrived in Kuwait and I have a lot to write about! Too much, I had so much fun I want to share it with everyone, but right now Im so dizzy and tired that I really need to get some sleep. A couple of hours of sleep will do the job. I was surprised to find it raining in Kuwait, and it was foggy as hell when we were landing. I didn’t know we touched the ground until the plane shook.

I went home changed and went to work to get a few things done, by around 1:00pm I felt that my head was about to fall off of my body! I needed to get some food in me as well, but I needed sleep more then food. So I will crash for a few hours then get a bite to eat! Nice to be back home, but it was a nice business trip too.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. il.7mdlah 3al salama ya rage3 min il.safar ;p

    were all so happy your baq 0o nawarat il.Q8..

    glad you had fun

  2. Welcome home MZzee !

    already giltlik all the nice 7imdila 3alsalama stuff o bss ma 3indy salfa.. get some rest so when your up and rested you can grab a bite then post all about your trip..

    Glad you finally got your trip too darling :P
    we both needed a break.. and even if it was work.. you got to go to London :P

    Noam il3awafeeee :)

  3. 7emdella 3al salama hehe and I’m glad you had fun hehehe now just rest up before you go in to work tomorrow hehe :P

  4. starts signing in a very bad voice “7amdillaah 3a’salamaah ya gaaay min esafaaaaaar .. la la la”

  5. Nora

    I’m glad you made it safely back to Kuwait! Now I’ll be waiting for your articles, that seems I got addicted to!
    Well haven’t been reading anyone’s articles for such a long time! You remind me of the friends I had back there long time ago!
    Thank you, for bringing me back to Kuwait in heart!
    Now I’m only waiting for more.

  6. I hope that photo of spiralling smoke wasn’t taken from the window of your plane ;-)

  7. Jewaira

    Welcome back….hope it was a short but refreshing break.

    Did you get my shopping list? :P

    Good to see you back again

  8. Amo0ora: alah esalmich! Wojoodich walah! It was a fun work trip!

    DiiGMaa: lol! thanks! I got a lot to post about too! I know what you mean about a work break, it was a nice visit to London! Alah e3afeech!

    Jacqui: alah esalmich! I went to work from day one! My sleep is messed up! hehehe

    Laialy: hahaha! alah esalmich!

    Nora: Thank you! Im happy that you are enjoying all the posts! I hope I can live up to your expectations!

    moocherx: The spiral crash was me crashing towards the end of the day! hehehehe

    Jewaira: Thanks! It was extremely refreshing for such a short break! I didn’t do too much shopping! hehehehe! :)

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