Lexus IS-F


This is the new 400 bhp Lexus IS-F which is meant to compete with the BMW M3. I think it may have a very interesting transmission with a lot of technology built into this machine. I really like what Lexus has done with it and the way they have made it really sleek. This vehicle will be retailing around $50’000 in 2007. It has a very sporty look, with very clean and aggressive lines. I think they have a winner on their hands with this one. Lexus’s success with this vehicle will lead them to address their lack of sporty vehicle selection. I would like to see their new two door sporty selection coming out soon.














Link: SeriousWheels

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  1. hmmm.. yea, it’s all nice and sleek… but i think it has a few sharp edges :/

    madri, i guess most guys have a better perspective than me.. then again it’s a sports car, i’m thinking of it as an ordinary everyday one..

    the inside IS sexy, though..

  2. The transmission might be an issue .. if you mod the car to 500/600+ hp it would be impossible to reinforce the clutch (unless it can handle).

    Thats the same problem the tuners are having with the VW/Audi DSG system. The gearbox can’t handle the extra power, and they have no idea how to fix it.

  3. thas one sexy car!!! i was thinking of changing my car, but i was confused, now i know for sure :D

  4. Available in Kuwait, the standard one costs about 10,750 I believe and the full option is around 11,500 I’m sketchy about the prices but sadly enough mother was thinking of getting either the GS, ES, or IS hehehe and well she was thinking about the ES and IS hehehe and well I am trying to let her steer away from the IS :P

  5. Amazing car indeed but it can’t beat the beamer in both, style and performance. IMHO.

  6. Swair: I like the edges, they are at last giving this car more attitude. You should see it in real life too, I like the usual Lexus and would like this one even more!

    K: I think they might put the 8 gear transmission in this car! Its japanese they will fix it!

    BLaSha: Happy I could help! hehehehe

    Jacqui: I think the GS is the best looking then the IS, but the IS is small relative to the ES. Its all about what she wants!

    MacaholiQ8: I dont know about performce, but it does have a different style! Thats for sure!

  7. Nora

    I just should the car to my husband! I think he might give it a thought. He’s been thinking of a sportish car that fits for the family too.
    We love speed and so does our girl! He’ll handle the cars I’ll take over with the bikes. I know it’ll be 2 times as expensive as in Kuwait but we’ll give it a look!

  8. Nora: looool! Yeah its a really good car and has the right combination of space and speed! You guys would really like it!

    vaflovac: Me too, I wish I could try it too, but I don’t think they will allow for a test drive of this specific vehicle.

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