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Review: Casino Royale



Bond movies are something I really look forward to every few years. And this movie was nothing short of spectacular. They have taken the Bond franchise and revitalized it with Casino Royale, after seeing the movie I think that Daniel Craig was the perfect choice to be James Bond. He plays the lone reckless agent with some brains in the mix quiet well. I also think they could not have timed the movie any better for Casino Royale since Texas Holdem Poker has taken off greatly over the past 4 years and so this part of the movie was found to be extremely intriguing on its own because there seemed to be higher stakes then just the money. What’s great is that you are getting the raw storyline without too much gadgets or gimmicks, one thing pulls another in this story and they are all connected. You get to see the bare bones version of Bond and how he turned into the Agent that he is, and I think the Bond Girls fit their roles perfectly. Each Bond Girl was perfect in their own way and very attractive, they added to the story and didn’t distract you from it. The fantastic part of it was seeing how Bond and the Villains danced around each and other and played mind games, and what underlying story was motivating them. You were consistently being stimulated with new information and more action. At the end of the movie you’re satisfied but yet the story hasn’t finish and Bond has more to do and we shall only see this in the upcoming movies over the next few years. They have broken every stereotypical Bond trait and action in this movie, but they have also kept true to the Bond nature and that is what I loved about the movie.

Link: IMDB