Skin It


This is a site which also provides skins for different pieces of hardware, and I really like that they have different skins for different pieces of hardware, not just the usual iPod and Macbook. And you can upload any picture you want on to your hardware which is pretty good, their pricin seems reasonable too.


Link: skinit

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  1. Nora

    I think that solves all my probs. I fell in love wit a pink PS2 but we lost the last one by seconds (a lady just picked it up from under our noses)!! And the pink PSP was too expensive!

  2. hehhehe thats really awsome.. now problem is what!?
    u really made me think! and i still dont know what? would i chose????
    ummmmmmmmmm ….
    lol still notihing!

  3. yay! lemme see if they have skins for widescreen HP computers… my laptop is silver and i think i scratched the hell out of it lol

  4. Nora: So now you can dress up your gadgets!

    no3ik: hahahaha! Yeah I was surfing it for a while and ended up with nothing! hehehehe

    Swair: You should go with a laptop that is generally available1 hehehehe!

  5. Lama: hahahaha! I would go for the Wookie or other Star Wars bots! hehehe

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