Review: Royal China Club


This is for those who love Chinese food. I was really looking forward to trying out this new Chinese Restaurant. They have a very trendy setting when you walk in and the first thing you notice is the lobster tank to your left. The seating is quite comfortable, but it isn’t a very large restaurant. They have a very diverse dim sum and tea menu, I have never seen so many different kinds of tea that I was confused so I asked for a recommendation and went with it. They also had a real good selection of sea food, and they had some specialty dishes so I wanted to try everything and I was happy that I had some friends with me to polish of most of the orders. I have to say that the they had the tastiest vegetable spring roll I have ever tasted, and since they had some seafood we asked for lobster. At that point they asked us to pick out a lobster from the tank, and some people have difficulty doing that I had no problems choosing one to eat. And they cooked two different delicious dishes from the one 3.4lb lobster, and we devoured it. Then we also had a Peking duck which I savored every bite of it. The service was quite good for this trendy restaurant, and they just filling up our tea cups. I haven’t enjoyed and savored the Chinese cuisine as I have at that moment. It is a bit on the pricy side, but the quality of food is unquestionable. If you are looking for a trendy Chinese restaurant then this would be your choice.






Location: 40-42 Baker Street, London, UK

Link: RoyalChinaClub


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  1. Sounds good, I’m always looking for good Chinese restaurants. Where is it?

  2. Eddy

    can u tell us where it is???

  3. Eddy

    oh,its in london…..shit man…i thought it was in kuwait….

  4. I was there 3 weeks ago with PURG and Stallion….

  5. I love chinese food but trying the lobster is too daring. I love Chinese appetizers so much esp. wantons, spring rolls and shrimp on toast.

  6. sabah: london!

    moocherx: yup! 42 to be exact!

    Eddy: hehehe, yeah not in Kuwait!

    MAZE: really all together in London? interesting! I thought you have never been there! hehehe

    Pearls: hehehe, then you should try this place and be daring. Stop by next time you are on your way to Scotland!

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