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Hatchards London


This is one of London’s must see book shops! It has this old classic feel to the bookshop! I have been to it a few times before, and its always fun being in here! If ever you wanted to know how Harry Potter felt in a bookstore then this would be it. When ever I’m reading a few excerpts from a book, I can hear the creak and crack of people walking up and down the flight of stairs. This is the best spot to find signed versions of books, and a different flavor of books! What I like is that they really do have a different recommended books section so I can take a look at what other good books are available. There is a smell of old paper as if they have magic books hidden in between all these books or at least that what I like to think. You are literally surrounded by books that it takes some good maneuvering skills to get from one end to the other and around the books. What I especially like is the personal service and personal feel you get from this bookstore, you can tell those who are working their really love to work there and I can’t blame them.