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Plot Summary: Tatsumiyajima is the central island in the middle of a small cluster of islands, in a sleepy backwater of the Japanese isles. Not much happens there, and the island’s young people go to school knowing that their lives are likely to remain peaceful and undisturbed. Or so they have been taught… but the truth is different. The fate of mankind is on the line, and Tatsumiyajima is the last line of defense against a hostile and incomprehensible enemy. At the center of it all, fighting for Humanity’s continued existence, is the giant robot Fafner, the dragon that guards this final treasure of mankind.

Fafner starts into the lives of people on Tatsumiya Island and it seems everything is normal Phesdum arrive to attack them. The children of the Island dont realize that Japan was wiped out a long time ago, and then reality slowly shown to them. They have to fight to protect their dream of peace, and they must make the enemy understand and accept them to survive. It is a very interesting story about the children of this Island and what they are trying to do. There is a lot of mecha anime involved in this as well as a good dose of science fiction. I really liked how the story was being developed towards the end, but it was a bit annoying in the middle. Overall I did like the story because the pace got better and the story became clearer. This is an enjoyable anime overall.
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  1. I see your getting more and more into mecha anime with Code Geass and Fafner amongst the series u have been watching lately… it is a good genre, and it has advanced alot lately … especially with the use of advanced plotlines, deep characters and cutting edge animation. Fafner has to be one of the underdogs of mecha anime series … did not get all the fame it deserves it is superb and personally i can compare it to NGE or even Gasaraki (i recommend u give this one a look after u finish ur current ones)

  2. Fractal: I have been watching Mecha anime since Grandizer, Mazinger Z, and all the old school ones! I loved them for a long time! I think I have every Patlabor dvd there is, and of course Evangelion. I dont think it could get any deeper then Evangelion! I saw Gasaraki a few years back now, it was good! I liked it! But there are a lot of them slowly coming out!

  3. Missy

    Don’t forget Gundam Wing =D hehe

  4. Missy: I prefer Gundam Seed over Gundam wing! Better story! hehe

  5. Meh whenever i remember NGE even though it’s my best mecha anime i always feel sad about the ending … but for me deep mecha anime has got to be the Gundam sereies mainly Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and Gundam Seed Destiny … with Seed and Seed Destiny being some of the best anime out their when it comes to political plots, character development and and large scale battles. Grendizer and Mazinger .. such fond memories indeed :)

  6. fahad

    i am writing this because i want you to see “hajime no ippo”
    it surprises me that you didnot see it since you watch and write about anime !

  7. fractal: there are some other ones which are pretty good as well! I’m happy they keep coming out with good ones like Full Metal Panic, Escaflowne, and a few others!

    fahad: I don’t have the full thing, but its sitting on the to be watched pile. I write about anime that I’m watching or have watched, nothing just sitting there which is what is happening with fighting spirit!

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