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Scripted & NonScripted Shows


Since the introduction of Tivo it has become common place to find DVRs in home, so much so that Comcast and Dishnetwork began integrating into their system for a little while as well now. The best part about buying this type of hardware is watching the shows on your time and not yours. I loved skipping advertisements, I remember buying my tivo back in 2000 and being able to modify it! It had a great system where you could skip all the ads and I loved that, also I started watching more tv because I could record whatever I wanted to watch and do something else! After reading the interesting article from Engadget it seems that people tend to watch non-scripted shows such as American Idol and the Bachelor live, and they like recording scripted shows such as House, and Arrested Development.

The reason they are saying that DVRs is killing television is because you don’t have to endure a bad show after the show you were watching, your DVR could switch and record something else so the bad shows which used to go after good shows used to get good ratings, but now they aren’t even getting a chance to get on its feet without good ratings right away. So the DVRs are giving bad shows no chance, but we shall see what effect it will have over time, but one thing they don’t take into consideration is the effect of a good show. One example of that would be family guy, it did so well with DVD sales that it brought the series back to television.

Link: Engadget