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Waterstones Piccadilly


This is probably my favorite bookstore in the world! There might be ones which are a little bit bigger or with more books, but I have a personel attachment to this bookstores and I have spent hours upon hours in this bookstore over the years. It is 5 floors of books, books, and more books! You can always find something to read or something new and interesting! I never thought that I would like one speicific Genre or another, but I was surprised as to what I liked from the selection of recommended books! I have even bought kid books because I liked the story so much and not finding out it was kids books until later! I didn’t even care, I was really happy that I was entertained by the book and I bought the rest of the trilogy. I have a few authors that I keep buying their books like Dean Koontz, Trudi Canavan, Dan Simmons, Max Barry, and Joshua Mowll. There other authors that I check up on every once in a while, but I always am open to a good story. When I’m walking around looking at the shelves I always feel like I could find a gem of a book in between all these shelves and once I find it, it is the best feeling in the world! You just keep reading that book, not wanting to go to sleep or the story to finish! I find it frustrating when I finish a good book because its hard to replace! Maybe Im jumping into this too much, but its something to experience! They also have my favorite notepads here which is the Moleskine notepads, they are the best ot right in and I always have one with me in a meeting or carrying it under the seat of my bike. There is something for everyone in this bookstore, I could spend days in there because there are couchs available on the other floors! Just as long as nobody has taken them!