Weekend Sand


After a good amount of planning with some friends and coworkers, we are going this Wednesday to go camping in Saudi Arabia, when I mean camping its going to be the real thing. Not much electricity only cold water, and some good old sleeping bags to keep you warm.

People we are going camping in Saudi Arabia! This is going to be one hell of an adventure! I’m going in my trusty Landcruiser! The last time I went camping was in Lake Tahoe, California but I think is a slightly different environment. From what I could tell the weather report says it could go -5 to -7 in the desert without any snow! This is just going to be great, and a little raw and exciting! It supposed to take 4 day in total coming back Saturday.

I picked up two sleeping bags, a tent, some thermal blankets, LED Lantern, and a Mag flashlight. My other friend who hasn’t gone camping in Saudi either is bring the other recommended essentials and of course we are going a bit overboard but what can we say, I would rather be over prepared then under prepared!

I’m also bringing with me my camera, mp3 player, and some magazines. Other people are bringing the essentials that will keep us alive and full so I’m not sure what else to bring. I’m also picking up some meat, coke, sprite, and water. We are just laughing about this, and there are going to be some shenanigans! I think someone is bringing Risk! This is going to be interesting!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I’ve been there twice; it was the most exciting and exhausting trip I’ve ever had; the first time I stayed for 10 days and the second time was for 2 weeks.

    If any of your friends has a Magellan RoadMate do take it with you, you will definitely need it.

    Have fun :)

  2. Do you need a ru599a or anything of the sort or can you and a bunch of people jst go to some random spot in the Saudi desert and set up camp there? Anyway, when I went to Hajj it was sort of like camping at some points. In Muzdalifa, where you pick up the stones for “rami il jamarat” I slept in a sleeping bag and without a roof over my head. There were some sheets surrounding us women though so that no one can see. But it was an amazing experience because you could really see the stars. You be careful though because our area was more protected and if anyone needed some emergency care it was easily available. Make sure you have a kit and maybe some CPR instructions just in case God forbid someone gets bitten or attacked by something.

  3. ahhh…. the trusty mp3 player… much like the travellers of old ;-)

    enjoy! don’t get too cold.

  4. yay, camping is fun. have so much fun there, bring with you lots of blankets.

  5. Missy

    I’ll ask you for a tiny favor- take shots of the sky… You don’t know how lucky you are to get a real view of THE night’s sky of winter without any light pollution, the other ideal way would be in a boat in the middle of no where. I make a hassle of packing a shmit-cassigrain when I go abroad just to get a glimpse of a silent dark sky… Planet’s to look out for this time of month: Venus (easy to find), Mercury, Mars (if you’re lucky), Jupiter and the one and only Saturn (even binoculars can show you the cute rings ;) ).

    Enjoy and b careful ;)

  6. I don’t go anywhere without dettol wipes :P

  7. jewaira

    Yes, I hope you took dettol wipes as Enigma mentioned! :P

  8. True Faith: I agree with you, you need a GPS unit! We didn’t setup any tents it was all outdoors! hehehe

    1001: nope you dont need anything! Just pack up and go! And whoever is driving the car should be in their name! Hajj is completely something else, we went for something maybe a little more energetic and nuts but Hajj is physically exhausting! We winged it, and we all suffered a few burns but nothing we couldn’t live with! hehehe

    moocherx: it was good! Lots of stories to tell!

    Missy: My camera wasn’t even close to good enough to get shots of the sky! It was nothing short of breath taking, but lots of shots!

    EniGma: hehehehe!

    Amo0ora: Very!

    Jewaira: hehehehe! Got soap and water!

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