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Weekend Sand


After a good amount of planning with some friends and coworkers, we are going this Wednesday to go camping in Saudi Arabia, when I mean camping its going to be the real thing. Not much electricity only cold water, and some good old sleeping bags to keep you warm.

People we are going camping in Saudi Arabia! This is going to be one hell of an adventure! I’m going in my trusty Landcruiser! The last time I went camping was in Lake Tahoe, California but I think is a slightly different environment. From what I could tell the weather report says it could go -5 to -7 in the desert without any snow! This is just going to be great, and a little raw and exciting! It supposed to take 4 day in total coming back Saturday.

I picked up two sleeping bags, a tent, some thermal blankets, LED Lantern, and a Mag flashlight. My other friend who hasn’t gone camping in Saudi either is bring the other recommended essentials and of course we are going a bit overboard but what can we say, I would rather be over prepared then under prepared!

I’m also bringing with me my camera, mp3 player, and some magazines. Other people are bringing the essentials that will keep us alive and full so I’m not sure what else to bring. I’m also picking up some meat, coke, sprite, and water. We are just laughing about this, and there are going to be some shenanigans! I think someone is bringing Risk! This is going to be interesting!