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Infinity Motorcycles


This is one of my favorite stops in London! I can’t go to London without making a stop at Great Portland Street, London to see if there is anything I need or should have from new gear! The guy that works there is James and a few other people, and even if I’m not buying anything that time its great talking to them! And its a great feeling to talking to people who love motorcycling as much you do! They even have recommendations or can help you out because they use this stuff too! I got recommended the boots from them and I’m happy that I have my Daytona Boots and I wont ride without them!


For such a small store they car a large amount of gear and accessories from Arai, Shoei, Shark, Alpinestar, Daytona, Kriega, Spidi, Hein Gericke, Data Tool, Disc Locks, Chains, maintanence tools, and cleaning products! You can spend a while there and get all you need, and the people there are nothing short of helpful. I wish they had this much gear and items in Kuwait! You can find gear cheaper online, but you have to try things on, and since the people are really cool I dont mind buying for a slightly higher price. The gear never goes old and some peoeple will buy if they are provided the option! For now I always stop by there when going through London.






Link: Infinity Motorcycles