Dead Tired


From the whole trip and full ahead at work my brain didn’t have enough time to shutdown. And then my family was arriving from a trip so I had to go to the airport and then visit my grandparents house where everyone was getting together. It was one hell of a day! I was falling asleep on the couch at my grand parents house. It is the best sleep when you pass out after this kind of day. I’m really looking forward to bed. So much to do and so little time!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mo Hat

    nice legs Marzouq ;) gimme your phone no. ok? ;)

  2. Judy Abbott


  3. lol Mo Hat. With legs like that, you should be asking for the name of his waxer.

    Marzouq…. take it easy man, don’t want you to get high blood pressure or anything :)

  4. lfc-Q8

    garat 3ainik bro :)

  5. Mo Hat: hahaha

    Juddy Abbott: Got some yet not enough!

    moocherx: hahahaha! Im good, just need to catch up on some sleep!

    lfc-Q8: where would that be?

  6. lfc-Q8

    ha they say garat 3ainik in kuwaiti. when some one arrives from a trip or somthing

  7. lfc-q8: wayh nebyik! hahahaha! I thought you said garait 3ainik = read about you! hahahahaha ok .. now that was funny!

  8. Sleep is heaven! I can survive on only sleep and food!

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