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Friend’s Accident


I got a call this morning around 4 am and it had a distinct ringtone so I thought it would be important. I picked up the phone to find out a friend of mine had been in an accident. So of course I call up my friend who is still under the influence of morphine and vicoden at home watching 24. I asked for details and what the hell happened.

He was walking out of work into the company parking lot, its an open parking lot shared between two buildings which is a Biotech company (his) and HSBC. He was walking just stepped off from the side walk and his coworkers and friends were waiting for him in the car to go to lunch. As he stepped off the side walk into the parking lot a car came flying down road and over his foot and he hit his face on the windshield while the sideview mirror threw him to the side. All he could rememer was his face getting hit and nothing else. His foot was fractured and not broken, his ribs are bruised, and he has a very fat lip from the windshield which bled a lot. He was taken to the hospital and the police were all over the place. The doctor said he was lucky his foot didn’t shatter because that bone is really strong, but it will take him a while to recover.
Now for the driver, she was driving over 25 mph in a 5 mph parking lot in a Audi A6 2004 model. She has had 4 prior written warnings from security for speeding in the parking lot and she was banned from parking in the parking lot, but some how she was parked in there that day. He was crossing in a cross walk area which gave him the right of way and he didn’t even see her when looking around for any cars.

At this point I was happy that he was at home watching 24 and all drugged up, and I even think he saw the episodes already but that can only help him. This all happened in San Diego so I know that the driver will have nice lawsuit on her hands. I’m just happy he is ok and it could have been much worse but I’m happy he is going to sue. I’m just really pissed at that women, but it made me happy that he sounded ok, and was more then happy to watch 24 for a couple of hours. This all took place in San Diego.

FYI: He was walking and she was in the car.