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Review:London’s St Martins Lane Hotel



An Ian Shriger Hotel that has a very trendy scene to it in the bustling part of London. Its close to the London’s National Gallery, Leicester Square, and a Waterstones close by. It has a very simple entrance to it that you dont notice it, it has a very clean and sleek look to it. The bar is in front of you as you enter, the reception is no your left, there is table where the concierge sits on the left as well, and Asia de Cuba is at the back left. The elevators are on the left just after the reception, and I missed it a couple of times walking into the restaurant.

My room was on the third floor overlooking the street and there were offices right accross from me, but what I especially liked about the room is the floor to ceiling windows. It gives it a very open feel to it. I loved the look of the room and the large and simple bathrom. I think they need to update their tvs since they are a bit small for the price you are paying for the room, and Plasma screens are relatively cheap these days. The bed was amazing and very comfortable, I love the white linen look with ample amount of pillows. The desk is facing the desk and very artsy looking, but I think the chair needs to be changed for the sake of comfort, after a while of sitting on it you do get a bit uncomfortable. They had wireless internet all over the hotel and you only needed to get a login and password for your stay that you could use everywhere in the hotel which worked very well for me. What I also found entertaining was the different kinds of lighting available to you in the bathroom and bedroom, you can set it to whatever you like. I tend to like the rooms with all the lights lit up.

The people working at the hotel were very friendly and helpful, I was always asking for directions because I tended to walk to a lot of places close by if I wasn’t using the Virgin Limo Bike. Even house keeping is very efficient and quick, I used to ask them to clean early in the morning and clean in the evening again when I would shower up again before going out. The one thing that I kept drinknig out of the little fridge is the Voss water! I love the water bottle and I tend to drink a lot of water so I bought a bunch when going to Selfridges, but I also kept drinking what was in the minibar when I finished my supply. I think that the people at the hotel were friendly and you can carry conversation with them and they were more then willing to give me places to go, even the door man gave me recommendations. I tend to like hotels with friendly people, it makes the stay that much better.
The bathroom is great since it had a lot of warm water and a lot of water pressure which I especially liked, and it was a good amount of space. I really don’t like cramped bathrooms which make you think the bathroom was an afterthought to the architect. This bathroom seemed to be a center point when they were designing it. What I like is the ample amount of towels available throughout the bathroom, I get annoyed with hotels that skimp on towels since you do need them.

Room service was pretty good as well since I had breakfast once and a late night bite after a movie. Both times the food came earlier then expect and it was pretty good. I know this can’t be a complete judge of their room service capability or lack off, but you don’t really eat a lot in your in London since you have such a great amount of choice available to you.

Overall I think this is a great hotel for a stay with a different expereince. The rooms need a few changes, but relative to what is available in London I really like this hotel and especially the staff. It isn’t one of the cheaper ones and I think this is one of the better Ian Shriger hotels out there.




















Link: St Martins Lane