Review: Griffin iTrip for iPod

Im not much for Apple products, but I have to admit that the iPod line is good and its successful for the amount of accessories it has. This is one of the essential accessories if you have an iPod. During my trip to the Desert we were 4 cars and sometimes we would share our music over the radio signal. And there were three iPods which kept getting shared between the vehicles. There were also three different transmitters so we had a good amount of time to test them thuroughly and the Griffin iTrip surpassed all of them.


  • Very solid build
  • Holds the iPod in its case even in rough conditions
  • Very powerful signal, able to listen between 4 cars over a 40 meter range
  • Detachable and can be used with your home PC to transmit music over the radio
  • Works with the new and old generation iPod, and iPod nano
  • Very compact and easy to store
  • Flexible mounting


  • None

Price: $90

Link: Griffin


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  1. i have been wanting one of these however i’ve been a bit hesitant

    is the sound crystal clear? no static i mean.

  2. lfc-q8

    $90 not cheap at all

  3. I use the cassette thing that you put into your car’s recorder and it’s decent enough. I wonder though if there is a way that I can transmit videos from my iPod to the TV? Is there anything that does that or is there a way for me to plug my iPod into my TV and watch episodes?

  4. Laialy: CRYSTAL CLEAR! Even from 20 meters away it was crystal clear! I think its great!

    lfc-q8: pricy but you get the quality!

    1001: there is the new appletv which can transmit from the iPod video to the tv i think! Why don’t you try plugging it in?

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