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24 Shock


I finished up all the things I needed for the day and I took a nap before settling down in the basement to watch 24.

All I have to say is that I am in complete and utter shock! There isn’t any words that could convey my feelings towards 24! In the beginning to took all I had not to shed a tear for Jack Bauer!

This is the best start to any season I have ever seen. Things just went in ways you couldn’t even expect. I thought season 5 was the best season, but the way this has started I have no clue where it will go! It is going to drive me nuts waiting week to week to watch the episodes, but I will do what I have to do. Im just happy I waited a bit to see it so I could watch the next episode when it is released later in the day. I’m currently spending time at the to pick up a few items which I need for 24, and things I just want to have around.

There isn’t enough words to describe how I feel while watching 24.