24 Shock


I finished up all the things I needed for the day and I took a nap before settling down in the basement to watch 24.

All I have to say is that I am in complete and utter shock! There isn’t any words that could convey my feelings towards 24! In the beginning to took all I had not to shed a tear for Jack Bauer!

This is the best start to any season I have ever seen. Things just went in ways you couldn’t even expect. I thought season 5 was the best season, but the way this has started I have no clue where it will go! It is going to drive me nuts waiting week to week to watch the episodes, but I will do what I have to do. Im just happy I waited a bit to see it so I could watch the next episode when it is released later in the day. I’m currently spending time at the 24fanclub.com to pick up a few items which I need for 24, and things I just want to have around.

There isn’t enough words to describe how I feel while watching 24.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i just finished watching heroes and let me tell ya … i can die in peace NEXT monday :p

  2. I love 24, it’s a nice and I like the cool stuff in it.
    What i hate is knowing the story will continue to get complicated till mid of the 24th episode and suddenly get solved.
    As for Heroes, what a show, I just love it, stumbled on it by mistake and now i am addicted.

  3. Mo Hat

    Heroes is awesome, real awesome as well. But then 24 is the king of em all. And there’s Prison Break, but 24 just takes the cake, spews it out, and makes it ever so awesome.

  4. I’m totally hooked on the show now. I blame you for this :p

  5. tell me about it
    when i saw today’s episode
    and they showed the recap from the previous episode
    it still shocked me!
    everything went by so fast in the first 4 episodes, it usually took them 12 episodes for all those things to happen

    wait till u see #5 :P
    and if u watch prison break, allah yi3eenik
    shakla these days, ayamik kilha shock ib shock :P

  6. “This is the best start to any season I have ever seen”

    I told you so :)

  7. Laialy: hehehehe! I know what you mean!

    fadibou: That is what I love about 24! You really never know whats going to happen next and can’t believe that it happened when it does.

    Mo Hat: Heroes is great! Im loving it! 24 tops everything!

    Angelo: 24 draws people to it!

    Yazeed: I agree with you! Usually they build up for something like that, but they went nuts in four episodes! ee wala shock ib shock!

    Bohamdan: You were right!

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