Landcruiser Service

After the long weekend excursion that I had to take my Landcruiser for a service and change all the fluids.

  • Engine Oil
  • Transimission Oil
  • Centrel Defferential Oil
  • Front and Read differential Oil

I really revved the hell out of the Landcruiser and it was climbing inclines that it wasn’t supposed to. Defying gravity is on the list of things this vehicle does, and it is nothing short of a tank, it could go distances and it took a beating no other vehicle could take. The Landcruiser is king of the desert for a reason, and my license plate needs to be replaced.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    You’re a good owner. Your car is lucky ;)

  2. a good number of my colleagues in Abu Dhabi used to drive either through to Saudi or down to even Yemen across the *empty quarter* in their Landcruisers. And alone!!!! I thought they were mad, but they had full confidence in their machines – and they were always returning (alive!, of course). But I still wish I’d taken a decent photo of the LC that got stuck on the small beach on Belajat St. a few months ago that I could see from my window. It made me laugh…

  3. jewaira: thanks! hehehe! If my car could talk it would say thank you!

    moocherx: What an idiot of a driver to get it stuck in blajat street! Well your right about it being reliable! Thats why they go so far on their own!

  4. Mansour

    i hope toyota comes up with fully changed pretty and improved land cruiser coz im getting sick of my nissan patrol, the only good thing about nissan’s that spare parts are cheap and there garage staff are honest, they dont fool u around.

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