Buffalo USB Wifi Adaptor


This is one of the coolest pieces of hardware that I have seen in a while! It increases your laptop signal by a huge amount! I have wanted something like this for a while, and it is relatively cheap going for $30.

It looks like its something that belongs to the military but I dont care it will do the job and probably make it easier to get signals from other access points which you usually can’t get. I know it will boost the signal but by how much I’m not sure, but its one formidable looking antenna. I hope they release it soon.

Link: Engadget.

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  1. lfc-Q8

    wow that looks coooooool and good when u travel so u can steal some far away wifi :)

  2. The problem with it though is portability. Imagine carrying this thing with you everywhere you go.

  3. lfc-q8: exactly! That is what it can do! Draw the signal in!

    Hitman1: You can disconnect it from the laptop and stow it away! It doesnt have to be permenantly attached!

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