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Essential Camping Items

You need a few things which are essential for camping out in the desert and one thing I really needed that I didn’t have was some chapstick! My lips were killing me, but next time I will remember that.

There are the essentials, but there are tools you are not supposed to be without. And these two below are essential tools:

  • Leatherman Multitool
  • Surefire E2L LED FLashlight



We had a foldable shovel, ropes, ties downs, and a knife. But a proper flashlight was needed.

I have had a Surefire flashlight before and they are nothing short of amazing! Highquality which is extremely bright and only draws very little battery. All their flashlights are of highquality and they have different flashlights for different applications. Their products are worth every penny.

Link: Surefire
Link: Amazon (Leatherman Tool)