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Review: Automat London


This is one of those nice restaurants which is a great find. Its like a New York restaurant transplanted into London. This restaurant has an old trainstation feel to it with the tiles and the wood. Its really clean and always bubbly around lunch time, you are lucky to find a table between 12:00pm to 3:00pm, its always packed with people who are having meetings, or a nice lunch break. It is a popular spot for lunch so you will always see people going and coming, and their food is really good as well. The food is what stands out at the restaurant other then the furniture.


They have a nice selection of food, and a lot of things they have are good. The sandwichs, soups, salads, and the one thing they are known for is their Mac’n Cheese! I love it, I can’t get enough of it and it tastes so damn good. We shared a large dish between the three of us and barely managed to finish it while we all had starts and main courses. The restaurant is full of people, and waiters are running around serving drinks and food. They also had these tiny coke bottles which are very interesting and I love drinking coke from a bottle, it just tastes better to me. The waiters have a good attitude but they were a bit slow sometimes but they made up for it, and they have a good selection of food, if your looking for a good burger place in London with a touch of class then I recommend Automat.





Link: Automat London