Chill Nite


It was a good nite relaxing with the guys. It seemed everybody was exhausted from this week, I dont know what happened this week but it just feels like it drained me. Relaxing and laughing with the guys is what I needed!

I waited to watched the HD version of 24 episode 5 with Mark today since I knew he would be getting off work and coming directly over. We started it as soon as we got going! This is one insane episode of one thing after another! I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but all I have to say is that I am going nuts and I need to see the next episode! I can’t take this anymore! I need to see more! Jack is going into his history and he is ripping things apart, I just dont know where they are going to take it next!!!!!

After that I made everyone watch Snakes on Plane, everyone had an opinion about the movie but nobody had saw it and that made me want to watch it more, maybe I was just being stubborn but its funny to me seeing people who can’t watch a bit of a thriller movie and especially when they don’t like snakes. They wouldn’t even look at the screen sometimes and tried to carry normal conversations it was hilarious, especially over dinner they thought it was too much with the snakes. I find Samuel L. Jackson to be funny especially when he is shouting! So it was entertaining for me over all!

It was a good night with a bunch of friends and relaxing, so hopefully we will be back into the routine and catching up with movies.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. dimplez


    if u think 24 was insane,check out prison break!!! the episode that aired this monday was wooooooow….

    every episode of PB is an entire movie by itself…

    hope ur A FAN of pb cause ur missing alot if ur not!!!!!


  2. I hereby sue for 1 million Bike Rides…for using ChillNite name..:)

  3. dimplez: Im a huge fan of PB, but I have been saving it up! Im going to watch it all one go! SO Im reallllyyy looking forward to prison break!

    Pearls: Chinese food!!! Lots and lots of it!

    DA: hehehe! I should put the (C) next time! hehehe, but it was chill!

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