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Review: Fearless


I have wanted to see a movie like this for a while now. The last couple of martial arts movie such as Hero, House of Flying Daggers, and movies such as these have always been on such a large scale they overwhelm you with the effect they have on you and they are good movies but I was looking for something different and for once this is what this was. I wanted a martial arts movie that is believable and something which has a lot of martial arts in it. This is a movie with a very good story line, and lots of action to satisfy most appetites. Jet Li plays Huo Yuanjia who is one of the best martial artist out there, and he thought that fighting and beating other martial artist is what he had to do for his family name, but as the story develops he learns that there is more to this then just fighting. The martial arts in this movie and great, and you see Hou appreciating the Wushu style of martial arts for its real reasons. I recommend this movie for any Jet Li or martial arts fan out there, I know some people can’t take subtitles but this is a movie worth seeing.

Link: IMDB