I have always enjoyed playing risk! But I dont know all the rules since there are quite a few rules to playing the game. Some people take it very seriously and get caught up with all the tactics and intimidation.

The set above is what we bought for use during the trip and it was extremely useful and compact. Its funny how caught up people get with this game, but sometimes it could take a long time to finish even days if people arent aggressive. I loved when someone would attack me with an army of 10 and I had one soldier and I would take them down to three or two with complete luck on my side, it drove them up the wall that they lost a large army. The best is playing with a minimum of 5 people to max of 6, and in the desert we had a great time playing the game during sunset since we had the time while some people prepared the food or other things.

I love playing Risk or Monopoly but its just difficult to get people to sitdown and play, and to find the time to do it. During the desert outing it was the perfect timing!

Link: Amazon
Link: Online Risk

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  1. risk is amazing… i’m just not into the new rukes they have on the new version… he mission cards and new look for the soilders

  2. ZED: I dont even know how those go, we played normally so I haven’t even tried the mission thing! The one we had the soldiers were only squares! It was funny throwing the soldiers around! hehehe

  3. Nora

    I haven’t played that game for over 10 years!! Last time was in Kuwait when we were camping in the desert!! I really loved that game. Hope to find it here in Finland.
    Man you know how to bring all my memories back! IT HURTS SOMETIMES!!! But still puts a smile to remember how we did it when we were younger!

  4. Nora: yeah this game does bring back memories and it needs the right selection of people! And seeing old boards does bring back memories! :) Hopefully good memories for all!

  5. I fucking kick ass at this and Monopoly, (Just none of the Mission Card bullshit in the new one).
    Marzouq, be prepared to have your ass served to you should we cross paths, and no biking gear going to save your ass now. :)

  6. mooodi: hahahahaha! You are just like one of the guys! They were going nuts talking shit and saying they will conquer all…. we shall see!

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