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Starbucks Incident


I made a quick stop at Marina Cresent Starbucks to get something to eat and drink . I was hugnry and I knew I was going to have a late lunch. While I was ordering and getting ready to pay there was a young man on my left and a woman who were ordering. I thought they were together but it turned out later that they weren’t. As I was paying I felt someone bump me so I was moving out of the way then it was the kid from earlier who just fell and hit his head against the wood panel and floor. So both myself and the starbucks manager picked up the young man who was out cold and put him on a seat. We had no clue as to why he was unconcious, we got him water and he was coming to, so I took his phone and asked him who to call so I called his brother.

I have to say that the Starbucks staff were great and very nice. We were talking to the kid who seemed to be around 14 years old, and who was extremely thin. I noticed he had a pack of cigirates in his pocket and I asked him if he had a speecific illness, low blood pressure, or diabetes and he said no to all but it seemed like he was hiding something. I asked him if this has happened before he said a few times just recently. He seemed too young for this to be happening to him. I spoke to his brother about three times and I kept talking to the kid for a bit just to make sure he was having another attack or something, but I was with him and three other gentlemen who were starbucks staff, one was in uniform and two werent. We were tending to the kid, we lifted his legs we gave him cold water, and we offered him food but he refused. I just dont know what exactly was wrong with him. It took about 20 minutes for his brother to get there, I was outside on his phone with the other gentlemen waving his brother down and I told him to stop just on the side right next to starbucks and we would bring his brother. By that point his brother could walk, but we still didn’t like the shape he was in. I told his brother that he should take his brother directly to the hospital, he can’t be left in this condition, and his brother said he was taking him there and that was it. I at my chocolate cake and continued my riding.