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I woke up around 7:20am this morning and painfully dragged myself out of my bed to go to riding with Nat since it was the only time she could go riding and I wanted to take her out riding for a bit and get some experience under her belt. So we met up in the morning at Marina Cresent parking and I was flying to get there on time, but since it was so early I was late! Only 10 minutes though! So we went riding down the Gulf Road and then to the Mansooriya Gas station through the Second Ring Road and then we went back and got on the Fahaheel Express to come back the other way down the Gulf Road starting at Miseela. I have to say that she took some bumpy roads pretty well and she is pretty good around the turns. I had one eye on the road and the other on the side view mirror! She was doing great and with a few more rides she will easily be overtaking me and making me look like a wuss! After an hour and a bit of riding she had to go so I rode with her until she got home and then I took off to Marina Cresent Starbucks to get something to drink and eat!

I got a hot chocolate this time but the same Dark Chocolate cake as from the previous day. I was just reading through a newspaper while I finish up my cake and hot chocolate, after I was satisified I decided to head out and as I was approaching the parking lot I caught Mark just parking his bike! I thought this couldn’t have been timed better, so we headed out together and caught the TriStar meetup at Green Island it was great there were a lot of bikes and families! I love seeing get togethers like these and TriStar does a good job getting people together.

There was a Ducati 1098s which was parked on its own and it really had to be since it was a thing of beauty. I was thinking for a while to pickup a 999S to fix up but after seeing the 1098s that idea went to the scrapper! It is beautiful and the redesign is on spot. I can’t get the bike out of my head and this isn’t good for me! I can’t stop thinking about it! Damn it! What a bike! Just when I wanted to take pictures I pulled out my camera, switched it on, and the screen said no memory stick… suddenly I had the urge to break it but I held myself back and realized I was an idiot for not putting in the chip before leaving!

Then me and Mark kept on riding since we had other things planned and couldn’t participate in this event. And we kept enjoying ourselves on the road! Mark has improved a lot and he is getting into the groove of things! There is a flow to his riding which is very good, hopefully he will keep going at this pace!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wow that sounds like a fun packed morning..

    im glad you all had fun, 0o the starbucks staff must know you by now hehee

    you hav to stop talking about riding cuz i sooooo wanna ride now. it sounds sooo fun

  2. I’m sure she will be doing great here soon. I got a friend who wants to get a bike here. He has an R1 back in the states and is an experienced rider, but he is curious as to finding a good bike mechanic around here that won’t try to run him through the cleaners on prices. I think he is looking for a used bike instead of something brand new.

    Could you maybe shoot me an e-mail or whatnot so I could get you two in contact, if you wouldn’t mind? I had been thinking of buying one too, but I’m a little scared to ride here, hehe.

  3. That sounded nice but I woulda killed myself if I had to wake up that early!

  4. Nora-Cassandra

    I’m so happy reading about women riding their bikes there without problems!! When I wanted to do that 10 years a go I was laughed at and when they realized I wasn’t joking they were calling me really horrible names behind my back. When got behind any of my friends I was then called those names right to my face!!

    Now I’m waiting for the Z1000 Kawasaki to check that out. I wanted a Ducati 999R but my daughters because it reminded me of my rides in Kuwait! But the Godfather of my daughter that has over 20 years experience with bikes (working and fixing them). He said it’s not worth the money anymore, I mean the Ducati! It’s just a name while the engine is gone downhill! He have seen few new Ducaties that went for one their first few drives and just broke down on a 30 minute drive on a high way (so good straight road)! So I decided to look at my second option that was Kawasaki!

    We used to meet with my friends in Kuwait there next to the Green Island too! I told you, you get my blood pumping by just remembering the midnight meetings or the afternoon meetings there! I loved the gulf road after midnight when it was empty and just ride on with out braking or stopping!

  5. Amo0ora: hehehe! It is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it! Only one of the starbucks staff remembered me the other guys weren’t there, but it was ok I prefered it that way! hehehe!

    William: Check your email! I dont mind at all helping out somebody that rides!

    Jacqui: I know! hehehe

    Nora: The 999R when it first came out had problems but later on it had no issues what so ever! I really think they did a good job of slowly improving it but the new 1098s is so beautiful! the Z1000 looks very nice with its revamped look! Yeah in Kuwait I have seen a few female riders and I hope they keep riding!

  6. Nora-Cassandra

    I don’t know! I was thinking about one because they’re kind light for me (55kg girl) to use! But when my daughter’s Godfather told me that the problems has been in most of the Ducatis! I don’t look so much for the look than the quality!

  7. Nora: why dont you go for a 600 or 749? Or a Triumph 675? I have a triumph and I love that bike! Its really enjoyable! They are all very light! Check out the CBR600RR the new one is extremely light and aggressive looking yet friendly!

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